About my head
Bald. Not a choice.

Film lover. Curious. Passionate about learning. Haven't traveled as much as wishes. Still believes the world could be a better place. Works hard for it. Food enthusiast. Questionable cooking skills.

Brazilian art director based in Lisbon who loves great copywriters. Since 2010 believes that co-workers are like family. 
Nice to meet you, I’m Gabriel Mendes.

Winner - Lisbon International Advertising Festival 2017(Young Lisbon)
Bronze - Lusos Awards 2017(Young Creative)
Shortlist - Clube de Criativos de Portugal 2017(Print)
Bronze - Lusos Awards 2016(Young Creative)
Gold - Lusos Awards 2015(Young Creative)
Selected Poster - Show Us Your Type 2012(Barcelona Edition)
FUEL Lisbon  ---  Arc Worldwide  ---  J. Walter Thompson Lisbon  ---  The Hotel  ---  Jchebly  ---  Plan B.Agencies
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