About my head
I’ve heard once that life is about make decisions, and when I chosen become an Art Director almost 8 years ago I chosen to lose my hair. All my hair. Although it could sounds bad I really loved what I’ve made for Jogos Santa Casa, Continente, Worten, Samsung, Heineken, Iveco, among many other brands.
Currently I choose to lost my remain hair at Fuel Lisbon.
Bronze - Clube de Criativos de Portugal 2018 (Outdoor)
Shortlist - Young Lions Portugal 2018 (Print)
Bronze - Lusos Award 2018 (Craft)
Winner - Lisbon International Advertising Festival 2017 (Young Creative)
Bronze - Lusos Awards 2017 (Young Creative)
Shortlist - Clube de Criativos de Portugal 2017 (Print)
Bronze - Lusos Awards 2016 (Young Creative)
Gold - Lusos Awards 2015 (Young Creative)
Selected Poster - Show Us Your Type 2012 Barcelona Edition (Poster)
Fuel Lisbon  ---  Arc Worldwide  ---  J. Walter Thompson Lisbon  ---  The Hotel  ---  Jchebly  ---  Plan B